Quesada Franchise Profile

Mexican cuisine is the fastest growing part of the restaurant industry. You are looking for and franchise and Quesada is looking for franchisees.

Type : Franchise
Units : 14
Investment : 150000$
Franchise fee : 20000$
Started : 2004
Opening soon:

Dollard des Ormeaux, Ville de Quebec, Sherbrooke, New Liskeard, Mississauga, Cambridge, Niagara Falls, Welland, Brockville, Kitchener, Brampton, Calgary, and Saskatoon.

Quesada Burritos & Tacos

Mexican cuisine is the fastest growing part of the restaurant industry. You are looking for and franchise and Quesada is looking for franchisees.

This prize winning franchise is expanding across Canada. Opening soon in Laval, Cornwall, Calgary and Vancouver with units already open across Toronto, London and Southern Ontario, Quesada has caught the imagination of food lovers everywhere it opens.

At Quesada we know that success is not about working eighty hours a week, it’s about making the right decisions. And that is why so many businesses fail. They make the wrong decisions.

Franchising is about making the right decisions based on a past pattern of success. In other words, decisions based on experience. At Quesada, we know how to make an award winning burrito; but we also know how to choose successful sites, how to negotiate a good lease, how to design and build a restaurant at an affordable price, where to buy equipment, how to manage food and labour cost and how to market our concept.

We operate our own corporate restaurants and so we share your challenges every day.

What Quesada does for you is help you make the right strategic decisions, and then teach you how to manage your business, minimize your operating costs, increase your sales and market your product.

Nobody comes to the table with the same skill sets. And everybody has something to learn. If you are strong in one area, we can help make you stronger and if you lack a skill, we can help you learn it. One hand washes the other in this business.


“Fabulous team. Their positive reinforcement and feedback were much appreciated. Although a challenging agenda, the experience was impressive. I was particularly impressed with their professionalism. For a young company, many things came through as a well-honed machine, down to the smaller details, whether the interactive on-line training or the framed training certificate. This organization has class and it comes through in the team.”
Valerie Dubuc - Franchisee – Kirkland Qc-


Is Quesada right for you?

Only if being in business for yourself is but not by yourself is…………

“I wanted to get involved with Quesada because I saw its enormous potential – and because the product tastes so good. The road to success is always smoother when you have absolute faith in the product and its appeal. Quesada tastes THAT GOOD."

“My business is growing and the opportunities to expand are abundant. I am very pleased with the Quesada team and my own opportunity to influence the direction the Company is taking to meet ambitious growth targets.”
Bhavesh Gandhi – Franchisee - London Ontario

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